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Excellence in Debt Collection Services

Welcome to Cypress Collections of Salinas.  We provide efficient, professional service to our clients in the collection of their past due accounts.

Because your needs are different than others, you expect attentive, personal service from your collection agency and a willingness to do things your way.  We do everything possible to be responsive and adaptable to your needs, while collecting past due accounts on your behalf.

Unlike letter-prone collection services that charge advance fees, our fees are contingency only;  You are charged a percentage only after we have collected on an account.

We offer a full range of debt collection services at competitive rates.

Cypress Collections works to provide our services in a manner requiring the least possible time and effort on the part of your staff, and we are always considerate of your company's professional reputation and image.

Did You Know?
According to a recent CLLA survey, the probability of collecting a receivable 30 days past due, decreases 10% per month over the next eight months.

Businesses operating on a 6% net profit (national average) must generate $17,000.00 in sales (17 to 1 ratio) on a $1,000.00 loss before profit making resumes.

Once a debt becomes past due, a debtor's available cash flow pool shrinks exponentially.

Outsourcing collection efforts can make a business more cost effective, increase internal productivity, streamline operations and maximize profits.

We enjoy meeting with our clients, discussing their challenges and needs, and coming up with solutions.  Cypress Collections is here for you, and we work to solve your present problems rather than create new ones.

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