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Why should I use a Collection Agency?
  • Receiving timely payments on accounts receivable is critical to any business that is concerned with continued growth and stability.

  • Professional collection firms are several times more effective in collecting overdue receivables than are most in-house collection staffs.

  • Using an outside collection agency allows your staff to focus on other critical areas instead of the collection process, which is beneficial from both public relations and liability standpoints.

  • Because out-sourcing is the most cost-effective and simplest collection option, more companies than ever are using a collection agency.

Which Collection Agency should I use?

  • Be sure to call some of the references an agency provides, especially those similar to your company.  Ask them about the level of service, return, and overall satisfaction.

  • Consider professional affiliations and memberships.

  • Look at the collection agency's fee structure.  Most good agencies are contingency only; there are no other charges or fees.

  • If you're already using a collection agency, consider using an additional agency along with your present one.  Utilizing more than one collection agency gives the client a basis to determine rate of return and success.


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